The cottages were originally built for the families that manned the lighthouse. In 1998 when the lighthouse was automated the cottages were vacated.

They were purchased by the Taylors in 2016.

About the Lighthouse.
St. Ann's Head Lighthouse is a lighthouse that overlooks the entrance to the Milford Haven waterway, one of Britain's deep water harbours, from St. Ann's Head near Dale in Pembrokeshire.

The lighthouse is intended to guide ships around a number of rocky shoals that cause a hazard to shipping entering the Haven as well as Crow's rock. The current lighthouse was completed in 1844 (at which time it was known as "St. Ann's Low Light") and commissioned by John Knott, senior lighthouse keeper with Trinity House. The first lighthouse on this site was built in 1714.

The present operational tower is 13 metres (43 ft) in height and is painted white. Visible is Skokholm Lighthouse on the small island of Skokholm 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) to the west.

Built in 1844

Height of Tower 13 m

Height of light above Mean High Water 48 m

Optic 1st Order catadioptric

Character Fl WR 5s

Intensity 48,700 candela

Range of light 18 NM